December 23, 2010

Little Post

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Hi this is just a quick post to wish everyone a lovely xmas.

And I mean everyone, including audiologists 😉

I’m sure they’re stressed out from funding problems, regardless of their individual competencies. Speaking with a HoH friend, apparently the local department here used to use a ticketing system to show who’s turn it was, rather than audiologists calling out names! Why not now?! Money??? Oh boy….

I’ll leave you with a directly quoted story from Feline Lady, who was telling me about her local department audiologists who really do try their best (she’s lucky!!) and put up with higher powers shuffling them around to cut costs:

“The hospital manager decided, in his wisdom, to move the ENT clinic to the back of the hospital, while leaving the audio clinic at the front! I faced him with this, as a volunteer at the hospital when he’d spent time to tell us “wonderful and valuable people” about all the “positive changes” he was making….
I asked if he was planning to move the audio dept too… “No, we aren’t” he said… totally oblivious to the issues it would now raise.

So, I said…. “Have you considered that the majority of those who come to ENT and Audio are elderly and infirm, and quite often see both the ENT “and” Audio?? You are now going to have them traipsing too and fro through miles of corridor to see both in one ‘appointment’. You will have notes ending up the wrong end, so will have staff running too and fro to find them. Occasionally ENT and Audio like to pop in and consult one another during appointments…. It won’t work..”!!

“Well, we don’t see any problem.” he said…

Well, they do now!

They are trying to figure out how to have an audio the ENT end, but it still doesn’t work as occasionally the Audios in the main clinic might want to spontaneously send a patient to the surgeons…Also, they end up “losing” patients, as they think they’ve finished with one or the other, when actually they should go from one to the other. Chaos is a pretty good description I think….. “



“But when it comes down to it, I find our audios do the best they can, withing their very limited management structure and facilities. They are constantly frustrated themselves.

I actually taught one of their audios about the Baha at the very beginning, as the seniour audio dumped it on her when she showed an interest! She’d contact me to ask about the accessories, and the fine detail about the gadgets themselves. Having said that, she ‘finally’ was sent on a course last this year, 7 years after she took on the Baha side of things.  I thought things were looking up as the seniour audio mentioned decided he’d had enough, and there was a new one. But she only lasted 5 minutes, found the travel to work too much apparently.

In our area the audiology side of things is poorly funded. When I see the better departments up country (or even closer) I can’t think “why” our Trust can’t “do

I reckon they do it on purpose, to control access to a department that is severely understaffed. The last thing they want is people getting in touch too easily! “

Food for thought  🙂


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