February 27, 2011

Off Topic: Cats Quote Charlie Sheen (via Medium Large)

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A bit of light-heaterd fun for Sunday… this is just so brilliantly silly — check out Medium Large’s post on cat’s quoting Charlie Sheen if you need a giggle!

Cats Quote Charlie Sheen All quotes taken verbatim from Charlie Sheen’s recent radio interview on The Alex Jones Show. Updated with more cats and quotes! Follow on Twitter @fmarciuliano … Read More

via Medium Large


February 26, 2011

Some experiences of a friend

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Sorry I haven’t put together the jolly post yet, which I’m sure you’re all waiting for  😉

In the mean-time I’d like to add this story from a friend who’d like to share her experiences of ‘the system’ while growing up with hearing loss, thank you ‘Hammer’ x

When I was a kid, any problems with my hearing aids were taken care of very well. Audiologists always took the time to ask the right questions. Once they even asked me what I wanted to know and I cheekily asked how hearing aid moulds were made….they were kind enough to take me to the part of the hospital where the moulds are made and the guy who worked there showed me how it’s done  🙂

However when I turned 18 this all changed; I was basically shown the door with no information about how to get more batteries or new moulds and so on.

After a few phone calls my mum found out I could go to the hospital next door for batteries and moulds for an adult. Well every time I needed a hearing-related appointment I had to first go to my GP, then my GP had to make an appointment for me. Then when I was at my appointment I would be waiting around for long time, there was only one person doing the hearing test, another person to make the mould and another person to fit my aids… you get the picture: I could be there for 3 or more hours waiting for these people. After while I got fed up!

One day when I needed to get more batteries I did not want to travel into to London just to get them. My mum asked where else I could source them and we found out I could go my local council office get them… well… when I went to my local council they asked for my ‘brown book’: what brown book????!?!?!

My mum had to make even more enquiries…… it transpired that I should have been given a brown battery book by the hospital as they kicked me out when I turned 18! So. My mum had to arrange to get a brown book for me from that hospital I’d been with.

Back then I was only allowed to collect 2 packs each visit (6 batteries in each pack), but as time went on I needed more powerful hearing aids. As the batteries ran out sooner with the more powerful hearing aids I had to ask for more batteries. At first they refused then my mum had to have a go at them(!)

These day it’s hard work trying sort my h.aids out, getting battires became not too bad since I moved out of my parents’ home to a different area. The lady at my new local council office was kind. She knew about my powerful h.aids and also about my mental health problems why I don’t get out very often so she always gave me loads of batteries, a whole box. That was great until the nice lady retired 😦  From then on it became more of a struggle.

Thankfully I have a few spares but if I try to get new batteries the council staff give me a hard time. I let them know that my social worker told me I’m within my rights to get lots of batteries. (I got a social worker when I moved out, after my mum found out I was entitled to special help from a social worker like getting equipment like a flashing doorbell and so on.)Now I feel that I have to have someone with me when I go for batteries or hearing checks for support — if I went on my own they don’t ask me questions they just give me what they think I need and off I go. When I bring someone with me the audiologists ask questions about what the problems are, how can they help me and so on. That’s why I feel I need someons as a witness, it becomes 2 people against 1; if I have only my word against the audiologist I feel I cant complain. Well it’s how I feel anyway.


February 9, 2011

New Year, New Focus?

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Firstly although this is very late,  Happy New Year 🙂

I’m still speaking with people about their experiences with NHS audiologists and it seems that the common problem areas come back again and again, e.g. not facing the patient when speaking to them preventing the patient from lipreading. Well I have been kindly offered an opportunity to express some opinions directly to people who are influential locally, touch wood something good can come from that.

It might be a nice idea to  also focus on using this platform to share nice things and helpful advice regarding hearing loss.

So, dare I say this, brace yourself for some positivity..! 😀


To kick off, here’s a classic joke by the wonderful  Barry Cryer:

A man goes to his doctor because he thinks his wife is going deaf. He asks the doctor for a test to see if this is true. The doctor tells him to ask her what they are having for dinner tonight at 30 ft. If there is no answer, ask again at 20 ft. Then 10ft., and then 5 ft.

The man uses this test. He stands 30 ft. away from his wife and says “What are we having for dinner tonight, dear?”. There is no answer, so he asks again at 20 ft. Then 10 ft.

At 5 ft., he says “Darling, what are we having for dinner tonight?!?”, and his wife replies by saying, “For the fourth time, we’re having Chicken!”.

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