December 2, 2010

This really takes the biscuit

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One friend I particularly wanted to blog about has told me she’s too afraid to let me write much on her situation in case the local audiologists find out (especially one audiologist who singled her out and was quite awful to her).

How disgusting is that? She is a pensioner who lives on her own. I set up this blog to be anonymous in order to protect both patients and ‘professionals’, but this friend is still afraid. (If you wear hearing aids you will always need access to audiologists for example in case you medical condition changes or if your hearing aid breaks etc.)

I’m sick and tired of my friends being bullied and persecuted. I’ll try to include tiny snippets about what’s happened to her, but in as vague a way as possible.


Seen, not heard…

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Hello and welcome!

I’ve basically started this blog to document the ignorance and prejudice hearing loss sufferers encounter from *some* audiologists. No names will be named, this isn’t about bullying or shaming individuals or departments.

I’m painfully new to hearing loss so this is a whole new world to me. A hearing friend was shocked about the stories I told her, she said I had to write a blog.

At the very least I’d like to get this stuff off my chest. Maybe others who put up with this sort of thing will find it somehow comforting to learn that they’re not alone and they may even like to contribute. Perhaps some audiologists will read this and review their manner. I’m hoping only good can come from this.

For more info, please take a moment to read the ‘About Me & Why I’m Blogging’ section. Thank you.

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